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True to the Darwin Theory of Evolution we are compelled to see just how far we can advance our purist design. We regularly test new materials and tweak our build. Even if we are the best in the business as some insist, for us, it's about getting better.
In the process, we end up with some world-class prototypes that may vary slightly, often just in the final look, from the "final" design. 
Occasionally, we produce a cable with a slight cosmetic imperfection—and quite frankly, our quality control guy is so fussy, we usually can’t see the blemish. That’s B stock. Because he says so. Then there are evaluation cables that may come directly from our test systems, sometimes even our personal systems. Demo Cables and Show Samples are also available from time to time. IC's, Power Cables, Speaker Cables, Specialty Cables.
Finally, we may have some discontinued cables or overstock. Such is the price of Evolution. Every one of these cables meets our high standards and each comes with our 30-Day No Risk, Peace of Mind, Money Back Guarantee. The really good news is, they are all bargain priced. 
Check back for specials. Feel free to call 701-710-1517 or e-mail tony@darwincables to see if we have any new arrivals not yet listed. 
The original Darwin Silver Cable. As amazing as it is, we found ways to squeeze more performance out of the build. 
  1. Truth Phono
    Truth Phono
    3-foot Darwin Truth Shielded/Phono Cables. DEMO. Superior wire and cryogenics. Teflex exterior. For the discriminating audiophile. Sweet in other applications, too. — MSRP $1095. SALE $495.
  2. Silver Digital
    Silver Digital
    Darwin Silver Coax SPDF Digital. Exceptionally natural. Lots of positive reviews No digital etch or grate. OVERSTOCK. Guaranteed to please. —MSRP: $250. SALE: $125. $10 Shipping

New Inventory! Demo Cables & More! Bargains! UPDATED 12/3/16


• 2.25M Truth II Speaker Cables. DEMO. Incredible air and detail. Palpable bass. It's all here. A showstopper. Four years in development. Our best speaker cable ever. Guaranteed Instant Impact. MSRP $2120. SALE:$1595

• 1.5M Darwin Truth I 15 amp Power Cable. Direct from Tony's test system. Silver conductors. Forerunner to our awesome Darwin Truth II Power Cables, which have been knocking off $5,000 Nordost Valhalla power cords and other big names right and left. Epic performance. Flexible premium Silver Teflex exterior. Nice looking cables. A major score for anyone who grabs this one  MSRP $1295. SALE $595 EA

• 2M Truth II RCA v1. DEMO. We've since tweaked the internal build. The only cable that will beat it is our current v2 model. You'll find it hard to believe that this cable can be better. Remarkable resolution at every frequency. MSRP $1415. SALE PRICE $995 LAST ONE!

• 1M Darwin Truth II Red Power Cable, B-Stock. A minor flaw in the heartshrink on one end. Elevates the performance of components and amps under 100 WPC. The Higher conductivity of pure silver conductors creates a more responsive, supple sound. More air. Lightning fast. MSRP $895 SALE $595
• 1M Truth II RCA v1 Original Label. The only thing that will top it is the current Truth II v2. This cable will take cables costing as much as $15,000 to the woodshed. All the frequencies. Organic, huge and honest. No listener fatigue ever. MSRP $995. SALE $795 LAST ONE!

• .75M Truth I RCA. The original hot-rod clear tube design. Only the Truth II is better. MSRP $995 SALE $750. LAST ONE!

• .75M Truth I Phono Cable. (Pictured above.) DEMO. Superior wire and cryogenics. Teflex exterior. For the discriminating audiophile. Sweet in other applications, too. MSRP $1095. SALE $495.

• .75M Darwin Truth I Coax SPDF Digital. DEMO. Our finest materials equal exemplary performance. Lot's of organic detail and soundstage. —MSRP $550 SALE $325. 

• 1M Ascension II Plus Phono RCA. Production Mistake. Typically, the only phono cable we make is a Truth II model, whioch employs CryoWise II cryogenics on both the wire and terminations. We accidientally used Ascension grade ends with CryoWise I treatment, which is still impressive. Performance is just short of a Truth II, which sells for $1395. This is an amazing cable at an amazing price. It's a real Darwin. SALE $995 ONLY ONE!

• 6-Foot (1.83M) Ascension + I RCA: DEMO. Direct from Tony's system! Beautiful condition. He just upgraded to the Truth II. Guaranteed to outperform anything on the market except our Truth line of cables. MSRP $945 SALE $645. LAST ONE!

• .5M Ascension II RCA. Our brilliant new design carries forth the legend of the Ascension. A world class reference cable. A shortie for components in immediate proximity. MSRP: $735. SALE $635!

• .75M Ascension I XLR. New Old Stock. While we still offer most Series I cables, they will be considered custom orders in the future. So we're clearing out existing stock. There are scads of rave reviews about this cable on the Internet. Check reviews here, too. MSRP $695. SALE: $550

• .75M Darwin Silver I Phono Cable. DEMO. These cables are super revealing and sweet in any phono application. Excellent for any RCA application. Tony still uses a pair in a livingroom system as standard RCA cables as the shielding rejects noise from the television. MSRP $495 SALE $200. LAST ONE!

• .75M Darwin Coax. For digital sources. Excellent retrieval of intimate details TWO LEFT! With excellent shielding, these work great for phono or standard RCA applications. (See photo above.) MSRP $250 SALE $125 single). Buy the pair for $240.

You get the same exclusive Darwin No Risk Money Back Peace of Mind Guarantee with every cable you buy! Always offered, rarely exercised. 
Darwin Truth II Power Cables. You'll hear the difference.
The Ascension II with more under the hood. 
Bill Magerman, Darwin Cable Company Co-Founder.