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True to the Darwin Theory of Evolution we are compelled to see just how far we can advance our purist design. We regularly test new materials and tweak our build. Even if we are the best in the business as some insist, for us, it's about getting better.
In the process, we end up with some world-class prototypes that may vary slightly, often just in the final look, from the "final" design. 
Occasionally, we produce a cable with a slight cosmetic imperfection—and quite frankly, our quality control guy is so fussy, we usually can’t see the blemish. That’s B stock. Because he says so. Then there are evaluation cables that may come directly from our test systems, sometimes even our personal systems. Demo Cables and Show Samples are also available from time to time. IC's, Power Cables, Speaker Cables, Specialty Cables.
Finally, we may have some discontinued cables or overstock. Such is the price of Evolution. Every one of these cables meets our high standards and each comes with our 30-Day No Risk, Peace of Mind, Money Back Guarantee. The really good news is, they are all bargain priced. 
Check back for specials. Feel free to call 701-710-1517 or e-mail tony@darwincables to see if we have any new arrivals not yet listed. 
The original Darwin Silver Cable. As amazing as it is, we found ways to squeeze more performance out of the build. 
  1. Darwin PC
    Darwin PC
    B Stock. 3FT. Our original braided steel jacket, silver conductor PC. Superb for any application; amps up to 100 WPC, CDP, DAC. Get better focus and a lower noise floor. Gorgeous Cable. LAST ONE! —MSRP $595 SALE: $195
  2. Truth II Red PC
    Truth II Red PC
    SHOW DEMO: We can't call it new, but it's in perfect condition. Superior solid core silver conductivity elevates performance of upstream components and amps up to 100 WPC. 1M MSRP $895. SALE: $495
  1. Truth I RCA
    Truth I RCA
    Darwin Truth I 3FT. The only thing better is the Darwin Truth II. Refined, transparent—sweet highs, thunderous bass. Now only as special order, so we're clearing this in stock cable. —MSRP:$995 SALE: $695
  1. Truth I XLR
    Truth I XLR
    All the attributes of the Darwin Truth RCA with the advantages of balanced cable. Now only by special order—we're moving Series I inventory out to make room. JUST ONE LEFT! —MSRP:$1095 SALE: $795

Demo Cables, B-Stock, Special Builds, Bargains! UPDATED 1/3/19


The Enlightenment by DARWIN spent three years in development as we tested various materials and approaches on our way to the final design now offered for $1995. We have for sale a limited number of prototypes—one-offs—that represent incredible values and deliver world class performance. The same 30-Day Money Back Guarantee applies here as it does to all of our cables. They're all beautifully constructed. 

• 1M RCA Enlightenment Prototype 1: Branded a Truth II with cotton sleeving, the internal components are that of a Truth II, MSRP $1095. Performance is similar to the Truth II; slightly richer in toneality. — SALE $795 

• 1M RCA Enlightenment Prototype 2: Truth II branding, cotton sleeving with wooden barrell RCA termination. This is an excellent RCA end—we are always evaluating new components. This cable uses our Enlightenment grade silver wire. This cable has not been cryogenically treated, a process that typically adds a bit more focus and precision. One leg is slightly shorter. This produces a very rich, warm presentation, quite romantic, but our goal is neutrality. We eschew the concept of "tone control" cables but in some cases, a combination components, room acoustics, etc., calls for a bit of warmth. It will still be more resolving than most cables on the market at any price. This is a reference quality cable. SALE $695 

1M RCA Enlightenment Prototype 3: Truth II branding, cotton sleeving. This cable uses our Enlightenment grade silver wire. No crystals or cryogenics on the wire. The RCA ends have best cryogenics available. This remarkable wire alone delivers more fine detail and air than anything you are likely to have heard. A bit more resolving than the Truth II but not as good as the Enlightenment. While we typically are not fans of cable cookers, preferring natural break-in, un-cryo'ed versions of theses prototypes responded very nicely. We're glad to treat this cable for you if you like. A $25 bonus. — SALE $795 

• 1M RCA Enlightenment Prototype 4: Truth II branding, high quality Truth II Teflon convoluted exterior. This cable uses our Enlightenment grade silver wire. No cryogenics on the wire but the RCA ends have the NASA-quality cryogenic treatment. Five of the crystals used on the Enlightenement were employed in this build, centered on each leg. Really a pretty cable. Outstanding performance that improved detail retrieval and expanded the soundstage over the Truth II.  — SALE $895

• 1M RCA Enlightenment Prototype 5: Truth II branding, but otherwise the final version of the Enlightenment without the cryogenics on the wire. Even before we applied full cryogenics to this build, it was the best cable we had built. Extraordinarily resolving of the finest detail. Powerful, accurate low end. SALE $895  


• 2M Truth II Speaker Cables. SHOW DEMO. Incredible air and detail. Palpable bass. It's all here. A showstopper. Four years in development. Features spades connectors! Our best speaker cable ever. Guaranteed Instant Impact. —MSRP $1995.— SALE: $1595

• 3M Truth II RCA. AUDIO SHOW CABLE. Sometimes the setup in an audio show means we need to build something longer than our standard 1M cables. If you've got monoblocks or just a good distance from your preamp or source to the next link, you can get a world class cable at a huge discount. It's in excellent condition. 
—MSRP $1815.— SALE $1165. SAVE $650!

• 2.25M Truth II RCA. Another Audio Show bargain. MSRP: $1515. —SALE $995. SAVE $520!

• 1.75M Truth II RCA. Yet another Audio Show special build. It's in excellent condition. —MSRP $1275.
SALE $895 SAVE $320!

• 1M Truth II RCA. B-STOCK. Our best cable! Minor cosmetic issues—you won't notice, but quality control did!
—MSRP $1095. SALE $795

• 1M Darwin Truth II Red Power Cable. B-STOCK. A minor wrinkle in the heartshrink on one end. Elevates the performance of components and amps under 100 WPC. The Higher conductivity of pure silver conductors creates a more responsive, supple sound. More air. Lightning fast. —MSRP $895 SALE $450

• 3FT Darwin Truth I SPDIF Digital. SHOW DEMO. Exemplary performance. Our original Truth I series, now available only as a special order. Lots of organic detail and soundstage. Killer Price. A transformative cable. Two in stock. Brilliant as RCA Interconnects, too!—MSRP $550 SALE $250. 


• 1M Ascension II+ Phono RCA. HYBRID. Typically, the only phono cable we make is a Truth II model, whioch employs CryoWise II cryogenics on both the wire and terminations. We accidientally used Ascension grade ends with CryoWise I treatment, which is still impressive. Performance is just short of a Truth II, which sells for This is an amazing cable at an amazing price. It's a real Darwin. —MSRP$1395. SALE $795

3FT Ascension II+ RCA. HYBRID. These cables are branded Ascension II, but have the Truth II level terminations. Basically, a production anomaly. Because of the well-deserved acclaim our Truth cables received, the Ascension II really doesn't get the respect it deserves—after all, the Ascension I was an incredible breakthrough. But the Ascension II version added a rich tone to the remarkable detail of the original. With the enhanced terminations, this falls between the Ascension II and Truth II in performace. Two available—MSRP$895. SALE $695

• 6FT Ascension+ I RCA. FROM TEST SYSTEM. This one spent a lot of time running monoblocks in Tony's system. It's the Ascension Plus model with enhanced cryogenics. Astounding performance. It's in perfect condition. 
MSRP: $885.— SALE $595

• 2.5FT Ascension I+ RCA. An original Ascension cable with wire that was souped up with CryoWise II cryogenics. We used CryoWise I cryogenics on the ends. It created better accuracy and was the next step on our way to building the Truth which uses NASA-quality CryoWise II treatments on both the wire and terminals.
—MSRP: $660.— SALE $460!

• 3FT Ascension I XLR. New Old Stock. While we still offer most Series I cables, they will be considered custom orders in the future. So we're clearing out existing stock. There are scads of rave reviews about this cable on the Internet. Check reviews here, too. —MSRP $695. SALE: $495


• 1M Darwin Silver II RCA. SHOW DISPLAYS. With all the advances in our Darwin Cables, sometimes we have to pop a Darwin Silver II into the system to remind ourselves how good this build really is. This is the improved version of the cable that got rave reviews from Stereo Mojo among others. We have TWO PAIR available that have been displayed at shows. The packaging may show a bit of shelf-wear but the cables are pristine. Never used, virgin cables.—MSRP $495.— SALE $350! 

• 4 FT Darwin Silver I RCA Phono Cable. DEMO. These cables are super revealing and sweet in any phono application. Excellent for any RCA application. Tony still uses a pair in a livingroom system as standard RCA cables as the shielding rejects noise from the television.— MSRP $550 SALE $225. LAST ONE!

• 3FT Darwin Silver I RCA A-Stock. This is the cable that got rave reviews from Mojo Audio and other industry reviewers. Since our Series I cables are now built to order, we're moving out existing stock to make way for newer builds. Two available. —MSRP $295 SALE $245. 

You get the same exclusive Darwin No Risk Money Back Peace of Mind Guarantee with every cable you buy! Always offered, rarely exercised. 
Darwin Truth II Power Cables. You'll hear the difference.
The Ascension II with more under the hood. 
Bill Magerman, Darwin Cable Company Co-Founder.
A peek behind the gear at 2017 CES in Las Vegas. Darwin Cables at work!
New Darwin client amazed by performance   
“About 70 hrs on the cables now. (Darwin Truth II Speaker Cables, Darwin Truth I IC’s, Original Darwin Power Cable) I don’t know what to say. Everything is so alive and full of music. Detail in the music I never heard before! Your cables take my listening experience to a level I never thought possible. I’m going to spend so much more time listening to music! With your products providing such an incredible price-performance ratio you deserve every success.”
—Maurice Edgerton, Canada
The Darwin Silver I offered audiophile performance at blue-collar prices when it was launched. 
Darwin Truth I still outperforms anything on the market except the Darwin Truth II.