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                The Enlightenment 


A New Breakthrough in the Evolution of Sound 

​​ NASA-Quality Cryogenics


One of the challenges of cabling any system is that the vibration produced by each 50-60 Hz component compromises the signal. Ironically, poorly designed cables may suffer less from vibrations, but the sonic mush created by high dielectric layers of sludge, results in unscheduled releases of energy and veiled and unsettled sound. It's an unhappy trade-off.

Darwin's evolutionary air-dielectric design already delivered the most transparent, uncolored signal in the industry. However, in a painstaking process of elimination, we discovered five organic crystals, some of which have long been used in military, electronic and mechanical applications that elevate performance through EMI and resonance control.

We use 20 total crystals, some with a reputation for piezoelectric properties, each with it's unique crystal atomic lattice structure. It was no small challenge to come up with the proper balance. An organic, low-dielectric, cotton sleeve also enhances resonance control.

The performance of the Enlightenment by Darwin, is, in a word, breathtaking. Because the signal is so pure, so clean and rich, you'll hear inner detail and decay so real, you'll keep coming back for more.

1M RCA Enlightenment by Darwin MSRP $1995/Shipping $25
​​Introducing the Enlightenment by Darwin... a further evolution of sound. It wasn't easy to improve on our best, but three years after the release of the Darwin Truth II, we've raised the bar again. The Enlightenment delivers the most holographic, palpably real performance in the industry today. You're in the studio, on stage... remarkable depth and soundstage, shimmering highs, liquid midrange and deep, rich bass. A palette of tonality. You'll experience another dimension of sound with your best recordings and you'll be pleased to discover that some recordings you deemed subpar, are quite good, indeed. Drums never sounded so real.

More than any other silver conductor we've used, the wire in the Enlightenment reacted to our NASA-quality cryogenics—which costs 40 times conventional cryogenics—in spectacular fashion. The untreated prototypes, using the precise gauge to banish skin effect, were better than anything we had built before. Superior cryogenics elevated performance another 20-25 percent. Unprecedented in our experience.

Building on the science of cryogenics, we took a more holistic, organic, approach to address issues that stealthily sabotage sonics—blur from airborne or system vibrations—and distortion caused by  electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. The tricky thing about EMI is you may not even know it's diminishing performance until you've eliminated or controlled it. 

  1. Truth II Speaker
    Truth II Speaker
    Instant, impact! A new frontier in sound. Truth Red SC. Pure silver wire strands in air dielectric. Epic definition, tonality. Spades or Banana. 2M MSRP $1995/$40 Shipping.
  2. Truth II RCA
    Truth II RCA
    Applying new extremes of engineering, NASA-quality cryogenics, the Darwin Truth II also offers advanced flexibility. It's bested cables costing $15,000. 1M RCA MSRP $1095/$20 Shipping
  3. Truth II XLR
    Truth II XLR
    No balanced cable delivers such a sudden, obvious improvement. A combination of our superior silver wire, CryoWise II cryogenics, take low mass Neutrik XLR ends to epic levels. 1M XLR MSRP $1195/$20 Shipping
  4. Truth II Jumpers
    Truth II Jumpers
    Our best silver ensures you will vastly improve over standard brass connectors. Standard jumpers come with the same excellent spades used on our speaker cables. MSRP .25M $495/$15 Shipping
  1. Truth II SPDIF
    Truth II SPDIF
    The same design that produces the most pristine signal in the industry translates to exceptional digital performance. Our silver cable has 7% better conductivity than copper. 1M MSRP $695/$18 Shipping
  2. Truth II Phono
    Truth II Phono
    Designed specifically to extract impeccable detail from your treasured vinyl while rejecting EMI/RFI. Excellent in noisy environments. Cryowise II © cryogenics, super-low capacitance. 1M MSRP $1395/$25 shipping
  3. Truth II DIN
    Truth II DIN
    Featuring Cardas terminations and Darwin's pristine signal delivery, the Truth II DIN features all of the performance-tested technology of the Truth II Series. Built to order. 1M MSRP $1595/$25 shipping
  1. Truth II Black PC
    Truth II Black PC
    So much more information you will be able to hear more at a lower volume. Premium silver in our air dielectric design delivers transformative performance. Kills the competition. MSRP 1.25M $1295/$30 Shipping
  1. Ascension II RCA
    Ascension II RCA
    The breakthrough design that put the industry on its ear, just got better. We incorporated Truth level split-pin, low mass RCA ends with advanced flexibility and a sleek new look. 1M MSRP $795/$20 shipping
  1. Ascension II Coax
    Ascension II Coax
    Ascension and Truth products use exceptional silver wire, imported and subjected to advanced cryogenic treatment. Quite simply the best performing wire we've ever found. 1M MSRP $495/$15 Shipping
  1. Ascension II XLR
    Ascension II XLR
    A detail lover's cable, and when we say detail, we mean in all frequencies, top to bottom with micro and macro detail. You'll hear more from music you thought you knew well. 1M MSRP $895/$20 shipping
  2. Truth II Red PC
    Truth II Red PC
    Fast, clean and dynamic, the Truth II Red PC is incredible when used with CDP, DAC, Preamps and other components. Transformative with amps up to 100 WPC. 1M MSRP $895/$40 shipping
  1. Silver II RCA
    Silver II RCA
    The original Darwin benefits from trickle-down Truth technology, specifically, the carefully-voiced low mass, cryogenically-treated RCA end. Low capacitance, tonally rich, detailed. 1M MSRP $495/$15 Shipping
  2. Silver II XLR
    Silver II XLR
    We tweaked the design StereoMojo called perhaps the best bargain in the industry. Now you get even more inner detail and dynamics in a brand new flexible Teflon sleeve. 1M MSRP $595/$15 Shipping
  1. Darwin Outlet
    Darwin Outlet
    We wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't heard the difference. Our Darwin Outlet sports cryogenically-treated high quality copper contacts that has immediate impact. MSRP $125/$10 Shipping
  1. Shorting Plugs
    Shorting Plugs
    They can make a huge difference! For a quieter system. Cryo-treated RFI/EMI suppression for unused amp/preamp inputs. Inputs only! Keeps your inputs clean and quiet. 2/$15 or 4/$25 Shipping $5
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​The Enlightenment by Darwin
1M RCA Enlightenment by Darwin MSRP $1995/Shipping $25
2M Enlightenment Speaker Cables MSRP $2995/Shipping $35
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Truth Series I Cables also available upon request.
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• Enlightenment RCA: add $100 per .25 M
• Enlightenment Spkr: add $150 per .25 M
• Truth II XLR: add $80 per .25 M
• Truth II RCA: add $80 per .25 M
• Truth II RCA Phono: add $100 per .25 M
• Truth II RCA DIN: add $100 per .25 M
• Truth II RCA SPDIF: add $80 per .25 M
• Truth II Spkr add $125 per .25M
• Truth II PC Black add $140 .25M
​• Truth II PC Red add $140 .25M
• Ascension II XLR: add $70 per .25 M
• Ascension II RCA: add $60 per .25 M
• Ascension II RCA SPDIF: add $80 per .2 M
• Silver II XLR: add 60 per .25 M
• Silver II RCA: add $60 per .25 M