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Truth Ascension Plus Ascension Silver Plus Silver
Don't let the remarkably low price of our Darwin Silver cables fool you. The performance is equally remarkable with a price/performance ratio that has stunned reviewers and jaded audiophiles alike. These are reference cables worthy of the finest audio systems. Exceptionally balanced, organic and transparent with sparkling detail and authoritative bass, you'll hear a dramatic difference immediately. Neutral, clean with spot on timing and pace. Compatability is a non-issue. These Darwin Cables will elevate the performance of your system by allowing the true voice of your music and components to shine through.

Here's what reviewers and our customers say:

Darwin Silver RCA IC's:

Artfully conceived under sound scientific principles. Spectacularly revealing, neutral, splendidly balanced. Our 3' original groundbreaking Darwin Silver IC has caused the industry to rethink the potential of connectivity. Unbeatable cost/performance ratio. Don't compare us to similarly priced cables—compare us to “the best.” Experts will agree that the key measurement as it relates to performance is capacitance. Lab tested open circuit capacitance (10 kHz) 11.70 pF. That's about 1/5 of a heavily-marketed $18,000 cable named after a certain Norse God. Since its launch in 2011, the Darwin Silver has undergone three announced revisions, the most recent applies some of the construction advances in the Ascension and Truth lines to the original Darwin for even better dynamics! 

MSRP $295 SALE $245 (Ends Nov. 30)

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Darwin Silver XLR:

Anyone whose system employs balanced/XLR cables knows what a challenge it can be to find reference quality at any kind of realistic price. The Darwin Silver Balanced Cable offers the clarity, tonality and righteous delivery our reputation has been built upon. You get crystal highs, honey-sweet mid range and solid bass—epic, smooth performance you would expect to cost 3-5 times as much. We use excellent quality cryogenically treated American silver cable, and the same superb low-mass Neutrik terminations we use on our Ascension or Truth cables, all handcrafted with exacting detail in the USA. Our unique air-dielectric approach is so pure, so efficient, you will hear detail and nuance emerge from recordings you thought you knew by heart. Don't be fooled by the price. This is a reference standard cable. Like our RCA-style Darwin Silvers, the XLR has been fine-tuned to extract more definition and sparkle.

3 foot Darwin Silver Balanced/XLR MSRP: $395 SALE $345 (Ends Nov. 30)

Darwin Coaxial Digital:

While our original Darwin Silver IC initially got more publicity, our 3' Darwin Digital Coax Cable has turned out to be a real sleeper—certainly a quantum leap in performance over other cables on the market, something our customers attest to. The same principles that make the other Darwin Cables so outstanding are equally as effective in this digital design. DACs leap to life. The impact is instant and profound—consistent with all of our products—revealing, balanced, organic and engaging. Handcrafted in the USA by a master craftsman, each Darwin Digital Cable employs our trademark silver solid core cable in conjunction with top shelf copper foil to reject electrical pollution. The key is a remarkably efficient signal path. You'll hear the difference. MSRP $225

Call Tony at 701-710-1517 to order or learn more about Darwin Cables.

For custom builds:

RCA unbalanced add or subtract $30 per foot

XLR add or subtract $45 per foot

Coax digital add or subtract $25 per foot


Ask about the availability of Demo or B-stock (slightly used with possible minor cosmetic imperfections) and one-off prototypes (very good cables used in R&D, some with different terminations used for evaluation.)

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