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"I have not heard
a better cable..." 
Darwin Cable Company
Where Science Meets Art • Giants Toppled Upon Request
“Our goal—and our achievement—is a connection so effective and truthful it allows the musician's intent and the quality of your components to shine through at all frequencies.”
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You Really Haven't Heard What's Possible Until You've Tried Darwin Cables
A Cable For Every Budget and Every System • Real Prestige is in the Sound
  1. Darwin Truth II
    Our finest sonic achievement. We've advanced the build internally to deliver new levels of air, dynamics and harmonics. Our Truth Cables have knocked off the biggest names with the biggest prices on the planet. Get more for less. 1M RCA MRSP $1095
  2. Darwin Ascension II
    The Ascension II incorporates Truth technology to improve on the already groundbreaking original design. Darwin Series II cables offer more durability and flexibility while remaining true to our low mass, air dielectric design. 1M RCA MSRP $795
  3. Darwin Silver II
    The cable that put us on the map just got better. Again, we've drawn on advances from our most advanced designs. A reference cable in its own right, the Darwin Silver II delivers high energy sparkle and taut bass. 1M RCA MSRP $495
  4. Speaker Cables
    After years of research, we finally developed the incredible Truth II Red speaker cables that have the instantly transformative effects as do our interconnects. Truth II Speaker Cable (above) 2M Spades or Bananas MSRP $1995.

"I have not heard a better cable"

"The folks at Darwin Cable Company turn the price to performance ratio on its head... I have not heard a 'better' cable regardless of price point. Count me as a believer in the Darwin philosophy... start with solid engineering theory, trial and error, and ultimately listening... Highly recommended!"