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Darwin Cables at CES:  Connecting Rogue Audio and Joseph Audio

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Imagine not being disappointed by a new cable. In fact, imagine being blown away. Well, you are just a phone call or e-mail away from transforming your system..

Darwin Cable Company has earned a reputation as a giant killer, but frankly, we're running out of giants! Don’t take our word for it. Read the reviews and testimonials on this site. You’ll find accolades all over the web from all over the world, too. You will find our cables behind some of the finest systems in the world, including those of industry insiders, who have heard it all and recognize greatness.

First of all, we understand skepticism. The cable market has been polluted by unwarranted hype, extravagant prices and almost always, disappointing performance. Darwin Cable Company was born out of that frustration. Two blue-collar audiophiles—Bill Magerman and Tony Bender—with a scrappy attitude and an obsession for excellence have quite literally turned the industry on its collective ears by re-imagining the audio cable from the ground up. 

It started with a humble silver cable Bill Magerman, a speaker crossover designer, built for clients. It eclipsed the expensive cables Tony Bender was using in his system. A partnership was formed, and true to the Darwin namesake, the cable design has evolved through a balance of art and science—a purist approach with great attention paid to details and advanced scientific methods. The result is the most pristine signal in the business, impeccably balanced, honest and organic. It’s a cable that has restored the faith of many audiophiles. Immense value. World-class performance. Truth in advertising…


“I have spent over 10 times as much for balanced interconnects which have no where near the performance of the Ascension Plus balanced cables. This is the real deal. Get in before this company goes viral. What an amazing change in the content of music (which is either filtered out or simply not reproduced by other cable designs). No other cable I have heard in 30 years in this hobby has been this unique and game changing.” —Manjeet Mann, Victoria, BC

Here are the keys to the Darwin design:

• Silver Wire: Nothing reveals inner detail, attack, decay and realism like silver. Artfully voiced with taut bass, top end sparkle and flesh in between, the room comes alive with natural tone and harmonics. Silver is 6% more conductive than copper. Why surrender 6% of performance with copper based cables? In our design, obsessive attention paid to wire quality and gauge, skin effect (which causes high frequencies to arrive too soon) is banished. All Darwin Cables are cryogenically treated, a process that further improves conductivity through microscopic alignment much like water turning to ice.

• Low Mass: The synchronicity of the Darwin design is anchored in low mass principles. Bulky metal ends are audio cesspools of electric eddies and anomalies. Darwin Cable Company features only the most-transparent, uncolored and neutral terminations. Our Ascension and Truth designs feature Darwin's proprietary handcrafted RCA ends which we believe to be the finest in the world.

• Air Dielectric: Among most common sins in the industry are coated wires. Any insulation covering the wire veils the sound and introduces capacitance issues. The insulation acts as a capacitor, holding and releasing energy in an unpredictable manner, compromising coherence and timing, a leading cause of listener fatigue. In the Darwin design, our wire floats with minimal contact in an oversized Teflon tube.

• Cryogenic Treatment: All Darwin Cables are cryogenically treated. We recently devised a two-stage, deep-cycle CryoWise© process that further improves molecular alignment much like water turning to ice. This improved uniformity translates into a more perfect and accurate signal. Expensive, but worth it.

No risk. All you have to lose is the grunge and the veil. Hear just how good your music can sound. Darwin Cable Company offers a 30-day Peace of Mind money-back guarantee. But experience tells us that you would punch us in the nose if we tried to take them back. Darwin Cable Company… Let the Evolution Begin!